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Let's Eat by Kitty Kaufman

The Bank and I eat downtown lunch only at Silvertone Bar & Grill. We went somewhere else once, and I said there'll be no more of that. It's what your favorite lunch place should be: great menu, prompt service, party atmosphere with no blaring music (although they do crank it after 2 pm), and down to earth prices. You can get in and out in an hour but you won't want to.

Silvertone Bar logo The Bank starts his lunch with soup and today it was spicy tomato which was, in fact, spicy. Other days he likes beef vegetable or anything else our smart server suggests. If you want a bowl of soup, you won't find it here. Chili, tomato and clam chowder clock in at or less.

On other visits we've been partial to their BLT, tuna melt with good old American cheese, the turkey sandwich with greens, and the burger. The California chicken with guacamole, and the grilled cheese are pretty wonderful. The Bank goes for salad with bacon, egg, onion and capers that comes with the babiest of spinach. Everything gets attention: salad is dressed to kill, fries are hot, salty and crisp; the burger is rare, and onion rings, well, I'll drink to them.

Dinner is served after 4 and includes pork chop, grilled salmon, jerked chicken with fried bananas and sirloin. Tap beers: Harpoon, Allagash, Guinness, Mayflower and Smuttynose. At lunch you can have Salmon Creek Chardonnary, Salvalai pinot grigio, cabernets, barbera, and proseccos for under ten bucks. The dinner drink selections expand considerably.

Like other places where they staff with sunny servers, Silvertone does too and on a special day you may find Mary, one of the owners, taking your order. I remember when they opened and I'm happy to say her food is even better. We like the twinkly blue lights and the old photos that make the place feel retro except it's not. The function room, Chez Freddie, might be just the place for your next party. They're not serving dessert that I can tell and they are closed Sundays. Update: The Bank has a new job at another bank not close by. We are sad, Silvertone.

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