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    When readers click "about us," they're not looking for philosophy or bragging. Bring on the team. Photos and a click to LinkedIn is better. If you've been in business for 30 years, don't tell. Why do sites and biographies brag "over 30 years" experience. Old is worth mentioning only when you sell Scotch or antiques.
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    Online is forever. Get a grip on industry jargon. Self-promotion? When you're great, acclaim comes from your clients, not your copywriter.
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    The sweet spot between getting the message out and TMI. Let's see what works for you: newsletter, features, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Daily newsletters are TMI. I wish they would stop.
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    Not everyone is best, oldest, newest, fastest, cheapest. Nor smartest, deepest, coolest, hottest, biggest or most unique. Hottest was over years ago and nothing can be most unique.
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    Finalize, prioritize, luxury, delight, world-class, fantastic, fabulous, innovative, boutique, amazing, upscale, robust, mindful, amidst, high end, collaborative, elite, leverage, vertical, deliverables, revolutionary, award-winning, dynamic, icon, iconic. I have seen "meat" described as iconic. And beloved. And enjoy. And no problem. And exclamation points! No more free gifts, breaking news, exclusives and acclaimed.


Backstory 1: College English calls for little creativity. What you need is insight. If you can invent parallels where no one else has, even better. It is not easy being original about dead guys. And it's not the dead part. Everything that can be said has been said. And college chemistry, that's where you learn to balance equations. As for chemistry, my parents got their money's worth: I can still balance an equation if I hold it just right.

Backstory 2: Family business: elevator, cartons, contracts, sales, customers, logistics and lunch. Systems: packing, unpacking, filing, shipping, unloading trucks and pallet jacks.

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