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April Fool: Let hair be light

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If you fell asleep in the last century, say 1999 and woke up today, along with needing a haircut, you would conclude the world is nuts. That what you used to call life is upside down and there is not a single thing left that might be called logic or common sense. Today's example is smack in the middle of the front page of The New York Times, with art.

The new trend: young style setters paying good money to streak their hair gray. The story goes on to report that a 28 year-old digital director used a lavender tint with hopes of emerging a "rock 'n' roll fairy princess." She wanted to be noticed and though it doesn't say if she became a princess, it's what happened after that brought her notoriety. The lilac faded to gray and as it happens it was New York Fashion Week and her wish came true: she was noticed.
Hair we go. . .

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CASE HISTORY: Goodwill on Comm Avenue in Allston near Boston University recycles home computer gear. I do it. It's Dell's Reconnect program for residential equipment. Drop off any brand at participating Goodwill stores. Goodwill takes monitors, scanners, mice, printers, keyboards, laptop batteries, ink and toner cartridges, hard drives, speakers, cords and cables. What they take

CASE HISTORY: One gig was a corporate makeover. We were called project managers. Departments were growing like mad and what had passed for organization when they were small no longer worked and they were smart enough to know it.

The president, the smartest man I know, had the corner office. There were piles of paper on the floor. The desk, as it turns out, was immaculate. I said, all the drawers and filing furniture must be full. We talked for a while and he told me he is a visual worker: he knows what to do next if he can see it.I got up and walked around to where he sat behind the desk. I apologized and opened a drawer. It was empty. Then another and another. Each drawer had nothing in it. The desk was empty.

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