Boston: Shanghai Gate

Let's Eat by Kitty Kaufman

I won't be surprised to find someone's mama in the kitchen. Shanghai Gate knows home style.

Proteins are fresh, vegetables crisp, greens brightly sauteed and sauces with great seasonings. I was going to say you can find all the usual suspects but actually, authentic begins with appetizers like seaweed fish, chef's duck, eight treasure delights, mashed taro rolls, and smoked fish. Seafood: chili pepper fish, magic shrimp, seaweed shrimp, plus shrimp and tofu stew slow cooked with Chinese bacon and peas.

The chef's menu is long: duck tongue; preserved pork, celery and baby bamboo, deep fried duck. A bowl of hot and sour fish soup into which we dumped rice was huge, steamy and enough for three. We saw sea conch with tofu and baby cabbage at the next table and were jealous. Lots of sizzle: eggplant in pork and garlic; fish, eel plate and beef. Vegetarians are covered; there are vegetable tofu plates, noodles and rice.

Sixteen lunch specials run the gamut with chicken, beef, tofu and shrimp all for seven bucks. The atmosphere is cozy with most seating for groups of four and up. Scenic view of Harvard Street. Shanghai is closed Tuesdays. Sadly, no beer.

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