San Diego: Edo Sushi

Let's Eat by Kitty Kaufman, photos by The Thin Man

edo hungry man We're at Edo in the University City section of La Jolla. I've been here before but not officially. It's a Tuesday in July and they're hosting what looks to be an after-work audience. It's early, not crowded and time to do a story since we have a full table. We compare: West Coast and East Coast sushi are similar but they do not match. Like when it comes to crab salad.

We're given occasion menus plus the regular menu. There are combinations I don't know but then, this is not my neighborhood. The hungry guy special (left) has shrimp tempura on top of maki with avocado, crab salad, cucumber and spicy mayo. And there is eel sauce. Really? Is this one of those less is more moments?

edo lemon delight We take a vote and it turns out Michele gets the best: it's a lemon roll with salmon and tuna each wrapped over crab salad (). What makes it a stand-out are thin lemon slices draped over the fish.

edo Soft shell crab (.50) is my favorite cooked maki and I have it all the time in Boston. You can't mistake it; It comes with a huge piece of crab making it impossible to pick up with chopsticks. Sometimes it's so big you abandon the sticks for fingers. This is not that. I think, but only to myself, it's a California roll with tiny crab. Shrimp tempura rolls (), like the soft shells, their tails are not here either.

edo Smoky rainbow (.50) is attractive with roe and crab salad. I decide crab salad is a San Diego thing. I had maki somewhere else two nights ago. Where I thought the crab would be was, crab salad. I wasn't thinking about authentic exactly, since it's an American fish house, but it's not as if I didn't notice.

My hungry eaters are sharing. Did we get tea? I don't remember. Do we want dessert? No one asks. There are leftovers. No one offers a box so I ask and then pack it up for someone's lunch tomorrow. They have managed to get us in and out in an hour. Why, when there's no one waiting?

Shrimp tempura maki, no tails

edo The food is fine. No one else has anything to say on the ubiquity of crab salad. They're good sports and that's all that counts though they are antsy with photo setups. Only now do I see Edo has no website. I find them on Facebook and there's a link and the link goes to places in Maryland. Anyway, compulsive types, yes, we need an official site to check stuff like your address and phone number. Writers shall not be expected to write it all down. We would starve. Into the 21st century, guys, kicking and screaming.


Edo Sushi
8895 Towne Center Drive (University City)
San Diego, CA 92122
858. 457. 4455

© August 30, 2015 - Photos by The Thin Man. Michele Gross is a good sport. Kitty Kaufman is a Boston writer. See more of their Southern Cal food adventures at Corporate Edge and follow Kitty on Twitter. Michele and The Thin Man do not tweet.
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