Boston: Chau Chow

Let's Eat by Kitty Kaufman, photos by Julie Moffatt

cc Julie and I have been coming to Chau Chow forever. There's something for everyone with little fat and salt, at least to us. We think their dim sum is great and that you should go . . . if you can get in.

We go for har gow: steamed dumplings in rice wrapping. Siu mai are steamed dumplings in wonton wraps and we eat them. Cheung foon are steamed crepes in rice wrappings; she loves them. Bau are steamed buns with smooth tops and we think they're nifty. We pass on the fung jau; these are chicken feet.

cc You, however, may eat whatever you like. Small dishes, like desserts, are .60. Medium includes most of the usual suspects for .90. For .60 large servings take in fried shrimp roll, stuffed crab claw, and steamed ribs and chicken paws together. Extra large include mussels and boiled beef tripe, but not together. And the double ex large servings are lobster dumplings, chicken feet, duck, jelly fish, calamari, clams, snails and pig's blood. I don't think we ever spend more than 20 bucks. The portions are generous and piping hot.

cc Besides the 94 dim sum options, you have 25 noodle dishes, 16 appetizers, and 12 soups. Flip the menu and they have 51, yes 51, lunch combo plates. It starts with #1 (chicken and cashews) and goes up to #51 (Eight delights, including squid.)

Start your dim sum any day as early as 9 am and finish up by 3 because then it's over and the regular menu rules until 11 pm. Bring the kids - it's noisy and no one minds. If the parking lot is packed, it's okay to park on the service road of Morrissey Blvd.



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